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Small Batch Brewed Masala Tea



Masala chai, or spiced tea, has been a tradition throughout the years in both the East and the West. From the fields of China, tea leaves were cultivated and over time spread to India where the British encouraged its production and it became part of daily culture.  Now many variations have been created by combining tea with spices, sugar, and milk.


The founder of Bhota Chai was introduced to the tea culture while traveling through the Middle East and India. Drawing from different nights sitting around the fire with Sadhus and Bedouin's where they brewed up teas with cardamom, clove, ginger, or sometimes mint and lemongrass, inspiration was formed to brew, serve, and share.



There is a commonality amongst the different cultures understanding both the medicinal and communal qualities of tea. Ingredients in Bhota Chai, such as ginger or cardamom, are able to aid in digestion, blood circulation, as well as stress relief or energy boost. In many cultures, it is customary that when one visits a home, they are offered tea. It is a gesture of welcoming, hydration, and nourishment.  This integrity is Bhota Chai.



In 2001, our chai made its first appearance at a local community center for a poetry reading night. Its’ popularity was instantaneous. Word spread and Bhota Chai was created.



By 2011, Bhota Chai became the basis for opening a local successful restaurant, and by the end of 2019 was being sold at various coffee shops, grocery stores and online delivery services. This success has brought Bhota Chai to its current new home at One World Enterprise, a commercial food production facility, in Bloomington, Indiana.



By taking top quality fresh ingredients and consciously combining and brewing them to create the ideal cup of masala chai that will both enlighten the senses and bring balance to life.

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